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What Are My Options if I Was Injured in a Sidewalk Accident in New York?

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If you were injured in a sidewalk accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Reach out to our skilled New York personal injury attorneys as soon as possible to discuss the specifics of your case and your options. Our dedicated legal team will help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

What are the common causes of a sidewalk accident in New York?

There are several ways a sidewalk accident can occur. However, like most accidents, sidewalk accidents typically happen as a result of another’s negligence. The most common causes of sidewalk accidents in the state of New York include the following:

  • Potholes
  • Uneven or cracked sidewalks
  • Debris
  • Standing water
  • Unsafe weather conditions, such as snow or ice, that have been left uncleared

It is important to note that each municipality in New York has its own rules relating to snow pickup on sidewalks. Most of the time, those who own property that is adjacent to a sidewalk are responsible for clearing the snow or ice from the sidewalk after a certain amount of time has elapsed. This suggests that if you slipped and fell on an individual’s snowy and icy sidewalk after a certain amount of time has passed, you will likely be entitled to financial compensation. Contact our firm today to discuss your case and learn more about how we can help you.

Can I recover compensation after a sidewalk accident?

In order to recover compensation after you were injured in a sidewalk accident, you will need to satisfy the burden of proof. This means that you have the responsibility of providing all of the evidence to support your claim. For the most part, as long as you are able to prove that the sidewalk owner knew or should have known about the unsafe sidewalk conditions, failed to fix them appropriately, and you were injured as a result, you will likely be able to recover the compensation needed to make up for any physical, emotional, or financial burdens you have sustained.

It is also important to keep in mind that personal injury claims are time-sensitive. You will need to make sure that you file your claim within three years of the date of your accident, as the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in New York State is three years. Do not wait, or else you will miss out on the opportunity to recover the compensation you deserve.

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