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I was injured in a MVA involving a police officer over 4 years ago. As a result, I was badly injured, lost partial sight, and had back and nerve damage. After losing my job and being declared disabled, I decided to seek out an attorney. John came highly recommended as a fierce trial lawyer that was willing to fight for their client. After my consultation, John was with me every step of the way and never let me feel like I was fighting this battle alone. He went above and beyond ALL expectations I had for an attorney. Anytime I needed anything John and his staff were there. They were willing to do everything they could to help make this difficult time in my life a little easier. I am extremely thankful for all of his hard work as well as his staff and family. I recommend Mr.Degasparis to anyone looking for a compassionate understanding attorney who is not afraid to fight for their clients and to give them a piece of mind through a life-altering event. Thank you, John, and the entire Degasparis family. I am truly blessed to have had you all on my side.

- Christina S.

I was in a pretty bad car accident; I wasn't sure if should contact an attorney, but friends strongly recommended that I just speaking with an attorney. It was the best advice I've ever taken. From my very 1st meeting with John DeGasperis, he was supportive, very well informed, thorough, honest, and put me at ease. Over time I came to trust his judgement and advise. He consistently explained my options in clear non-legalese terms. Because of his support & great explanations, I felt prepared every step of the way through all the turns, detours, and process of my case. While the case took quite a few years to come to a settlement, I remained calm because I knew what was going on. I met Eli Basch, and was impressed & delighted that he was totally up to date with the details of my case. I think that says a lot about this wonderful cohesive group. The support staff is wonderful; they all knew me and were always so accommodating. And I'm leaving the best for last; John's experience & expertise got me a terrific settlement that reflected the consequences of the accident I suffered. I strongly recommend John DeGasperis, Basch & Keegan to all who want expert legal representation.

- Deborah R.

I went to high school with John and when my mom suffered a serious injury due to a decrepit city sidewalk I didn’t hesitate to contact John knowing my mother would be in good hands. John immediately informed us these types of cases can be hard to pursue but nonetheless took on the case. Due to John’s diligence and hard work John was able to uncover information that the city had previously been informed that the sidewalk was a hazard. Thanks to John’s mediation skills my mother was able to avoid having to go through a trial and received a very fair settlement.

- John C.

I just want to take a few minutes out of my time to say thank you for all your help and everything you did for me, John! Not only did you explain each and every step to me, but you also helped me when I was close to my breaking point. I will use you in the future and will recommend you to my friends. It is a great honor to have you on my side... I wish you the best of luck.

- Nikolas D.

I was hit by a bicycle while getting my mail. The bicycle rider was legally blind. My wrist was broken in three places as a result. John handled my case with confidence and good humor. He was accessible by email and responded promptly. He gave me all my options about whether to go to trial or not (not!) which I really appreciated. He went over things as many times as I needed to. My husband and I were surprised to actually enjoy seeing our lawyer! I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone needing an injury lawyer.

- Lynda E.

Top notch. Was very prompt in meeting with us. Also, he was very thorough in handling all aspects of our case. He really took an interest in us personally and understood all that was involved. Everything John and his staff did was helpful in dealing with the difficulties that come with personal injury. We highly recommend John DeGasperis for any personal injury case.

- Ricardo M.

John is a totally honest lawyer..which is hard to come by nowadays. I would totally recommend him to help you!! Terrific.

- Tony T.

John took on my case that we all knew was almost impossible to win. With his expertise and knowledge, he fought for me and I was awarded the max amount for a settlement. I know that if I had gone with anyone else, I would have not seen these results. I would recommend John to anyone who is in need of a personal injury lawyer.

- Melissa S.

I sent an inquiry to Basch and Keegan following a recent auto accident and John responded immediately. He took the time to listen to my situation and explained the legal process and provided guidance. I would definitely call him again based on his experience, expertise, and responsiveness.

- Beth W.

I highly recommend John De Gasperis for anyone in need of an attorney. He's really good at what he does & he got me the outcome that I was looking for. He's hard-working & always very professional. If you choose to use him as your attorney you will definitely be happy with your decision.

- Graham S.