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The Deposition Process in New York | What to Know

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What are depositions in New York?

A deposition is a discovery tool that involves sworn testimony that both the defendant and injured party provide under oath during a case to help both parties understand the facts and prepare for trial. In personal injury cases, depositions are practically essential. That is because this allows each party to provide their side of the story when it comes to trial without any surprises in the courtroom. Additionally, depositions can be used for both parties to reach a settlement agreement, in the event that they want to avoid litigation. 

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What should I expect during the deposition process?

It is normal to feel nervous before going through a deposition for the first time. The deposition will typically take place in an attorney’s conference room or office. In most cases, your attorney will sit through the deposition with you, and you can expect the other party to be there with his or her attorney as well. There will also be a court reporter, also referred to as a stenographer present. A stenographer is employed by the courts and is responsible for transcribing the deposition for the record. You will also want to note that if there is more than one defendant then there will be more than one defense attorney present to ask questions.

The process of the deposition will generally align with the following steps. If you are the injured party, you will sit on one side of the table and the defense attorneys will sit on the other side. Then the stenographer will swear you in. After that, you will answer questions about a number of different things, including the events in dispute, your injuries and/or damages, your personal background, and how the injuries have affected your life.  It is crucial that you answer these questions honestly, however, you will also want to provide as little unnecessary information or guesswork as you can. And most importantly, if you do not know the answer or information being asked, it is perfectly fine to say so.

These are just some of the important things to note about how the deposition process works in New York. Ultimately, if you are expecting to go through the discovery process, you will need an experienced New York personal injury attorney on your side. Fortunately, our legal team has years of experience with depositions and we are prepared to help you too.

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